10 Vintage Film Icons

The golden age of cinema welcomed some of the most iconic stars, sirens, pin ups and down right studs! Here’s a look back at a few of our favourite vintage film icons from previous articles shared on The Fabulous Times.


Montgomery Clift: the ultimate tragic hero. Bursting on to the silver screen in 1948 in Howard Hawks’ epic western Red River, Clift straight away made a name for himself not just as an actor that could hold his own beside the likes of John Wayne, but also as a face for the post-war generation.  And what a face it was.


One of our 5 Powerful Women Role Models was the incredible Josephine Baker. Josephine Baker was an American-born dancer, singer and actress with some serious style. Josephine Baker was the only woman to speak at the The Civil Rights March on Washington. Her success as a singer and dancer throughout the 30′s meant she became a muse for authors, painters, designers, and sculptors including Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, and Christian Dior.


Hollywood actress turned Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly will forever be synonymous with class and sophistication, her style is enviable even when photographed relaxing in slacks and a shirt. Here’s a look at a few French Riviera Style Icons including of course the unforgettable Grace Kelly.


A personal favourite and one film nobody should miss! here’s a quick look at the style of the incredible Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevardlena-horne-vintage-style-icon-fashion-actress-

Lena Horne a favourite from our vintage style icons series. Singer, dancer, actress and civil rights activist Lena Horne was not only stylish but strong willed, powerful and fought for what she believed in. In 1943 Lena was approached to work in the movies and became the first black performer to sign a long-term contract with a major Hollywood studio. Lena was continually involved with the Civil Rights movement. marlene-dietrich

Marlene Dietrich became a star of German cinema back in the 1920’s before moving to Hollywood in the 1930’s, achieving international stardom at Paramount Pictures. Marlene Dietrich personified Hollywood Glamour. Here is a look at the Marlene Dietrich retrospective exhibition at the Berlin Film Museum


Lauren Bacall, Hollywood siren, wife and mother proves you can have it all and still look breathtaking at 88years old! Whenever I hear the phrase “If looks could kill…” there is only one thing I ever think of – the face of Lauren Bacall. See Johnny’s top picks of Lauren Bacall films HEREbrigitte-bardot

Brigitte Bardot: The original and best sex bomb, actress-turned-activist Brigitte Bardot dominated the 60s with her irresistible appeal. Rachael of Fur Coat Blog shares her favourite French Femmes Style Inspiration in a special guest post!

vintage-marilyn-monroe-white gown-designed by Jean Louis

It has been 50 years since the death of screen legend, Marilyn Monroe. She remains a point of fascination for many, an iconic figure and is remembered for her beauty and style. Here’s a look back at Marilyn and her love of diamonds.rita-hayworthpicnic

Vintage photography of Rita Hayworth courtesy of the sensational archive collaboration between LIFE Magazine & Google. The LIFE Magazine Photo Archive is incredible, you can almost see the progression of Hayworth’s stardom from shoots as a pretty young thing to family portraits and shots taken in later life.


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