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Interview with Laura from We Made this Home– Fabulous Times blogger of the month: Laura, wife, mother, homemaker and designer is the talent behind We Made This Home, a lifestyle blog documenting Laura’s family adventures. Laura’s home is a place of comfort and it tells a story, captures her memories both of happy times and of testing times, treasures found along the way and is an honest look at her journey into motherhood and creativity. I caught up with Laura to hear of her blogging inspirations and get some advice for aspiring bloggers:

We Made This Home blog- interior styling

List 3 things you love about blogging:

I love the creative process of styling and photographing the images for my blog, I am still learning to use my camera to its best advantage but I’m really enjoying the learning process. I also love writing, and getting my thoughts down.

Along side writing my blog, I keep a journal (pen and paper, magazine cuttings) it’s become a daily ritual to think and write when I get a little free time

I love the blogging community, it’s great to chat online to like-minded people who share similar passions and I have been lucky enough to make some real life friendships through blogging and social media.

We Made this Home

List 3 Fabulous blogs that have inspired you?

I adore Tamsin’s Blog she has an eye for detail and pretty pastel styling. She shares some beautiful posts about her home renovations and beautiful finds.

Sarah-Lou’s blog, Lapin Blu is one of my favourites, her photography is so inspiring and I love “the everyday spruce” posts – simple ideas to simplify and beautify your home and daily routine.

I also really love to read Yvestown a beautifully inspiring lifestyle blog

We Made this Home blog

List 3 Fabulous tips for aspiring bloggers:

Just begin: Blogging can be daunting to begin with but the more you write and share the easier it becomes to find your voice and share your thoughts with the world. It is really fun.

We Made This Home- interiors

Use your best photography: Great looking photography always draws me in to a blog post. Im still learning to use my camera, but the most important thing I have learnt is to shoot in good light, It makes a huge difference. Search for Emily Quinton’s Blog Makelight for some fantastic photography guidance and try out one of her workshops if you can, she is such a great teacher and has a fabulous studio.

We Made This Home

Get involved: Getting involved with other bloggers projects like “Styling the Seasons” or “The Everyday Spruce” for example, is a great way to get involved and be apart of a blogging community. It’s a nice way to get to know like-minded people.

Head over to We Made This Home for more delicious photography, pretty interior styling and inspiration.

Stay fabulous


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