Got milk? your local milkman just came online

Ever miss having milk and fresh produce delivered to your door? I remember as a child going out to the backyard before school to bring in the milk that the milkman had left out, sometimes we’d even get freshly squeezed orange juice delivered which would be chilled by the cold morning air. My brother worked an early morning milk round as a boy driving around on an old milk float, a time that I remember with great fondness.

We were so happy when we heard that the local milkmen we remember as children had gone online, meaning you can now order fresh local produce straight to your door. milk&more is a website which allows you to order fresh produce from milk to fruit & veg plus 250 everyday essentials with free delivery with up to six deliveries a week. You will be ordering from your local milkman so you’ll receive the traditional, friendly personal service with the ease of placing and paying for your order online.

There is no minimum order either so even if you just fancy a pint of fresh orange juice, organic milk or a fresh fruit basket as a treat you could indulge. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to stay in on a rainy day and order food to the door, what could beat fresh fruit baskets, bread and organic essentials for a quiet Saturday morning? There are over 250 daily/ everyday essentials to choose from, delivered bright and early to your door, that’s free delivery too. You can manage your account online, it couldn’t be anymore convenient.

Enjoy fresh local produce with friendly personal service, like the good old days!

Visit: milk&

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